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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wine Making Is as Old as Civilization

Here's another example to give to any temperance believer who thinks alcoholic beverages should be banned from society. And believe me these people are out there. This article describes the discovery of a 6,000 year old wine press - the oldest ever discovered - which shows that alcohol consumption is as old as mankind itself. The press was retrieved from a caveside cemetery in what is now southern Armenia and holds remnants of an ancient red grape. 'The press itself is a shallow clay basin about three feet (one meter) in diameter, surrounded by grape seeds and dried-out grape vines." Wonder if there were wine critics rating these wines, way back then.....

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Anonymous said...

We found this article particularly interesting since it was all found a couple miles from Mt. Ararat which is the basis of where our wineries name came from "Tarara". Funny that a press was found, yet Lucy still portrayed that only a couple decades ago we had to use our feet?!?