Monday, June 11, 2007 - Tasting Fees

I have started using a new site to open threads on things in the wine industry that bother us. Today I posted a peeve on the excessive price wineries charge for merely tasting their wines. Lately we've had to pay $10 and the fee wasn't even waived when we purchased a bottle. For now on, we are no longer visiting wineries that charge more than $5 and don't waive the fee after purchase.


Dezel Quillen said...

Hello Friend,

I was just going to write on this topic, however, you have summed it up nicely. I agree with the idea of a waiver per bottle purchase, but some do not see it that way. We have been to several wineries who have additional reserve tastings for less than 4 wines that can be as pricey as $10, and does not waive for a bottle purchase. Visiting wineries is an enjoyable experience; however, you do not want to pay $30 in tasting fees for 2 people. Dezel feels your furiocity!

Happy Sipping!


Anonymous said...

$10 to sample? Ouch!
The state of Ohio requires them to charge a fee for sampling (you can't give alcohal away). However the local wineries usually make it a reasonable fee ($1 or 2) and it is a worthwhile experience for everyone.