Monday, November 5, 2007

Merlot Murders: A Wine Country Mystery

Recently a family member inquired if I had read Ellen Crosby's Merlot Murders: A Wine Country Mystery. She had enjoyed reading about the various places in Virginia that Ms. Crosby had incorporated in her book. I had first learned of the Merlot Murders while visiting Swedenburg Estate Vineyard, where Ms. Crosby was a frequent visitor researching winemaking and the Virginia wine industry. A few months ago, Swedenburg hosted a book signing for her next book: Chardonnay Charade: A Wine Country Mystery. As you may recall, Juanita Swedenburg was the lead litigant in the Supreme Court's decision to force states to treat out of state wineries the same as in state wineries. Look for the December issue of the Virginia Wine Lover Magazine where Ms. Crosby will post a tribute to Mrs. Swedenburg as she "writes about her memories of Juanita Swedenburg and her contributions to the novel."

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