Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Food & Wine Festival at National Harbor®

This weekend, June 6th and 7th, we will getting our first look at National Harbor® by attending the The Food & Wine Festival. National Harbor is located south of Washington D.C., right on the Potomac River (1 1/4 miles worth), with water taxi access from Alexandria. This is the second year for the The Food & Wine Festival at National Harbor and it "celebrates the chefs’ use of local, fresh and responsibly sourced ingredients from both land and sea". As for local wines, so far it looks as if Virginia will be represented by Loudoun County wineries through DC's Wine Country and Maryland by Boordy Vineyards. During both days expect to see several cooking demonstrations by local chefs, seminars on food pairing with wine and beer, and of course, a grand tasting area. We have also listed below the live music schedule.

This event should be just as fun as the similar wine and food festivals in New York and South Beach. In particular, we are looking forward to three visiting the Robert Mondavi Discover Wine Tour, the Discover Rums of Puerto Rico, and the Belgium Beer display. At the Robert Mondavi station, they will be providing several wine and cooking seminars. At the New York Wine & Food Festival, the Discover Rums of Puerto Rico was the most entertaining display. They play great Latin music (ask for a CD), while serving rum infused drinks, or neat, for those like us that want to savior the spirit. We also learned that Puerto Rico is home to other distilleries other than Bicardi, primarily Don Q and Barrilito. Make sure you try the Don Q Anejo or Don Q Grand Anejo. Finally, who can resist Belgium Beer. Besides hosting a beer garden, there is also a seminar scheduled titled "Savouring Perfection — A Celebration of Belgian Beer and Food: Join Stella Artois' Brand Ambassador Bart Vandaele for a one hour celebration of Belgian beer and food culture". Share your experience inthe comment section below. See you at the The Food & Wine Festival at National Harbor.

Entertainment Schedule: Saturday
Paint Branch Ramblers Bluegrass 12:00 PM
Sam’O and the band JFC Reggae\Caribbean 1:30 PM
Mari Houk Acoustic 3:30 PM
Lucky Day Band Pop 5:00 PM
Jodelle Acoustic 7:00 PM

Entertainment Schedule: Sunday
Susan Savia Acoustic 12:00 PM
The Jazzy Blu Jazz 1:30 PM
Flo Anito Acoustic 3:00 PM
Matt Jacobs Acoustic 5:00 PM

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Mike Ching said...

Thanks for the Gouge Todd. I was already planning on going but this extra info makes me look forward to it even more. Maybe we'll run into each other there.