Thursday, July 23, 2009

Micro-Brews in Canaan Valley, West Virginia

While traveling to Thomas, West Virginia to listen to music at the Purple Fiddle, we discovered that the area was populated by two micro breweries: Mountain State Brewing Company and Blackwater Brewing Company. We spent more time at Mountain State Brewing Company since they also provide live music and when we arrived Larry Keel & Natural Bridge were warming up for that evenings concert. Over several beers we discussed the local music scene with several people who travel to Thomas often - just to hear music. The brewery offers four full time brews: the Almost Heaven Amber Ale, Cold Trail Ale, Seneca Indian Pale Ale, and the Miner's Daughter Oatmeal Stout, We didn't try the later but enjoyed the first three, particularly the Cold Trail Ale, a blonde ale made from wheat and oats. Just how we like it. The pale ale was also refreshing even with the higher hop content. Not bad for a brew master who basically starting with on the job training. Mountain State Brewing Company also has a Deep Creek Lake location in Maryland that serves beer brewed in Thomas. Although both location host live music, Thomas is where you want to be for the big name acts. For instance in the coming weeks they are hosting New Riders Of The Purple Sage on July 31st and Cracker August 8th. We may make that show.

In neighboring Davis (only two miles away) the Blackwater Brewing Company brews half a dozen beers and at a large number of vehicles in the parking lot every time we drive by. The brew pub opened over ten years ago and serves American, German, and Italian flavored food. It must have been a bad night, because our German food was terrible; but the beer and bread kept us there. Our favorite beer was the Blackwater Marzen, named after the falls situated only a mile or so away. The Seneca Golden Wheat was a lighter wheat and the Blackwater India Pale Ale as refreshing ale. We did not sample the Blackwater Gold Ale, Parsons Porter, or Black Diamond Stout. Maybe during ski season.

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