Thursday, January 14, 2010

Barbancourt & Haiti Earthquake

We learned through the Rhum Barbancourt twitter account that the proprietors are safe - but no word on the condition of the distillery. For those seeking to help the country, donate to charities where all the money goes to the victims such as Catholic Charities or Doctors Without Borders. And to help the distillery, purchase a 15 year old Rhum Barbancourt.


Anonymous said...

I suspect that if the distillery suffered damage, and if there were no functioning security systems (men, dogs, alarms), that any bottles/barrels not damaged in the quake have been looted and are long gone. Sadly. Sendral

Capn Jimbo said...

I am Capn Jimbo of The Rum Project:

I have been in contact with Haitian and other resources that have confirmed the damages to the distillery were minor. The owner is currently awaiting repairs to the port and intends to continue exporting this fine product.

At The Rum Project we have reviewed over 100 of the world's best rums and consider Barbancourt one of the best.

I urge all to buy Barbancourt fine rums and share it with friends.

Randy said...

Well there is another report that the Barbancourt Rum plant was knocked out by the quake.

Todd M. Godbout said...

A note from their twitter account: Thanks you all for the 150 tents. 150 of our employees lost their house. They are in great need and we do all we can for helping them!

Todd M. Godbout said...

Haiti’s Rhum Barbancourt Suffers Quake Damage: Dan Marsteller
Posted: January 25, 2010

Rhum Barbancourt’s Port-au-Prince distillery will not resume production for at least a month following significant damage sustained during the Haitian capital’s recent earthquake. One of the facility’s exterior walls fell, and barrels of aging rum were destroyed along with equipment inside the plant. Two of Rhum Barbancourt’s employees died in the quake, while around one-fifth of its staff of 430 lost their homes, the distiller said.

Immediate supply disruption of Rhum Barbancourt in the U.S. will likely be lessened by the fact that the producer shipped stock the day before the earthquake, but when precisely the distillery will again be up and running is uncertain. The company recently formed a long-term distribution pact with Crillon Importers, making the New Jersey-based importer Barbancourt’s exclusive North American distributor.

Popehammer said...

Probably difficult to abscond with a 2,000 gallon french oak vat. Let alone 800 of them!