Monday, February 22, 2010

More Turkish Wines from Kavaklidere Winery

We returned to Cenan's Bakery in order to see what other offerings from Kavaklidere Winery the bakery offered and purchased a white and red - the Çankaya and Selection Öküzgözü-Boğazkere. The first is apparently the most popular white wine in Turkey and is made from the indigenous Narince, Emir, and Sultaniye grapes. This is a classic European wine - the fruitiness is not overwhelming and the wine has plenty of mineral content. This is simply and excellent choice for everyday white wine. Highly recommended.

The Selection Öküzgözü-Boğazkere is obviously a blend of these domestic grapes and is one of the premier offerings from the winery. The wine was first produced in 1987 to honor the 60th anniversary of the winery. The grapes are selected from the finest vineyards in Eastern Anatolia and after fermenting, aged 12 months in French Oak. The result is a full bodied wine - much fuller than the Yakut Kavaklidere Oküzgözü - but extremely smooth at the tail. There is really no need to age this wine to loosen the tannins. We served this wine to house guests who were not only surprised to try a Turkish wine, but also on the quality. These wines will not doubt become staples in our cellar.

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