Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Florida Brewing Company

The only local craft beers we can regularly find are those produced by the Florida Brewing Company, the state's largest craft brewer. The brewery reached that status through acquisition, by purchasing the assets of the Ybor City Brewing Company. These assets included Key West (Key West Brewery, originally of Key West, Florida), Ybor Gold (Ybor City Brewing Company originally of Tampa, Florida) and Hurricane Reef (Hurricane Reef Brewery originally of Miami, Florida). These brands, as well as several others, are crafted at the company's Melbourne brewery.

In the past I have sampled these brands, but its been a long time. I do remember enjoying the Ybor City products while visiting Tampa. During this trip, it appears that the Key West brands were the most accessible. In the Keys I drank the Key West Sunset Ale which is available in many restaurants and tiki bars. Its a red amber ale and its not bad - I think it may just be too malty for the Florida environment. Instead I really liked their Key West Southernmost Wheat. This is a Belgium styled Witbeer and for spices, it was brewed with two types of orange peel and Key Limes. The wheat and lime are prevalent in the nose and transition nicely to the mouth with the lime in full display at the tail. This is a complex beer, may not be preferable to some, but I found it very refreshing at the pool.


Anonymous said...

Where are you located? There are quite a few more breweries that are putting products on the market throughout Florida I would check them out, most are more traditional "craft breweries" than Florida Beer Company which is mainly a contract brewer..

Todd M. Godbout said...

Yes, you are correct. I have even found samples from a few other craft breweries - although one is brewed at the Florida beer Company. I will be posting about these brews this week.

Todd M. Godbout said...

I also tried Native Lager brewed at the Florida Brewing Company for the Native Brewing Company. Not bad - but nothing special.