Monday, July 19, 2010

Is Bio-dynamic Grape Growing a Hoax?

I recently read an interesting article by Dr. Mark Greenspan in the Wine Business Monthly titled, "Thoughts on Organic, Bio-dynamic, and Sustainable Grape Growing". This article is a reasonable critique of the Bio-dynamic movement particularly with the true believers who infer that conventional wine is bad, organic wine is better, and bio-dynamic wine is best. Dr. Greenspan also critiques many bio-dynamic practices because they can not be tested in a scientific manner. This article forced me to research the subject a little more which led me to a site which wasn't pulling punches, "Biodynamics is a Hoax". Published by Stu Smith, of Smith-Madrone Vineyard, this blog is dedicated to proving that Biodynamics founder, Rudolf Steiner, was a "nutcase" and fraud and that Biodynamics farming may do more harm in the long run. Very interesting propositions.


Anonymous said...

Steiner also founded an education system which now sees ~1000 schools, and 1400+ kindergartens in 60 countries around the world teaching children in a holistic manner. Having watched my younger cousins go through this system and onto university degrees I think Steiner was well ahead of his time - or perhaps just trying to help us undo the modern world's (="Modern Science?") non holistic approach - a statement I would also apply to Biodynamics.

CassidyF said...

Goodness! This is crazy! Although its possible it could impact how grape growing is affected, but in all climates... really? Wow, I'm in awe as I'm a grape growing expert, and do enjoy hearing new ways of growing natural fruits. If this type of grapes planting works, heck I'll make a book out of it! Lets see what the rest of the world thinks!