Monday, November 29, 2010

Searching for Muscadine in South Carolina

While driving to Florida we usually stop along the way to either visit a winery or pick up a unique offering at a stop. On this trip we came upon the Hyman Vineyards Southern Sunshine at a stop in Santee South Carolina. The winery crafts several styles of muscadine wines ranging from dry to sweet and we selected the dry version of the Southern Sunshine. This is a light bodied wine which displays the traditional characteristics you would expect from a muscadine: grapey aroma and flavor and zero tannins. And since it was made dry, no gritty or syrupy sugars to overwhelm the palette. This is a good representative of how a muscadine wine should be crafted. And served slightly chilled, it was a refreshing drink in the Florida sun; yes its hot in south Florida - even in November.

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