Monday, May 23, 2011

SAVOR Profile: Mad Fox Brewing Company & Devils Backbone Brewing Company

I know we've been covering the beer world for the past week for or so for American Craft Beer Week and that trend will continue as the extraordinary beer festival, SAVOR, comes to Washington, D.C. June 3rd-4th. This really is an amazing event - over 70 craft breweries pouring over two nights at the National Building Museum. Now, Bill, over at DCBeer, has been regularly publishing profiles of some of these breweries. In that spirit, we have two we'd like to share from the MyJoogTV catalog. These episodes feature two Virginia breweries participating in SAVOR: Mad Fox Brewing Company & Devils Backbone Brewing Company. And as usual, watch to the end to view musical performances from Tom Principato and Sarah Siskind and Travis Book, bassist for The Infamous Stringdusters.

MyJoogTV Episode 7: Tom Principato at the Mad Fox Brewing Company

MyJoogTV Episode 8: Sarah Siskind & Travis Book @ Devils Backbone Brewing Company


samyers said...

their beer is 'lackluster' and the wine? mass produced nationalized bunk with a overhead price that makes cheap dimestore swill look affordable.

don't get the wine. (that is for certain.) the wine's are atrocious.

mynameishaymanaise said...

don't drink the wine, it's atrocious! (it's OTC mass produced junk with the overhead cost)

and their brews are just more or less 'cheap dimestore swill'.

if you come there for the food be prepared for small entrees with over fried food that's too hard to chew.