Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WBC11 Videos - From Loudoun to Ignite

One of our responsibilities at the 2011 Wine Bloggers Conference was to video as much of the happenings as possible in association with Virginia Wine TV. Many of you probably saw me (or my assistant Laszlo or Aaron) camera in hand through the Loudoun County pre-tour, the tour of UVA, the seminars, keynote speeches, Other 46, Monticello, the winery tours, and the Ignite sessions. Except for the Siips gathering, the camera was usually put to bed as early as possible in order to accommodate @RichardPF request of no late night footage. Thus nothing from #606 or #235 or the Saturday night dance party. In any case, thanks to all the attendees who participated on camera and I'm looking forward to continuing our discussions online and seeing everyone at WBC12 in Portland - sans camera.

Over the next two weeks we will be releasing several videos that will be available from a few outlets: VirginiaWineTV YouTube Channel, Wine Bloggers Conference YouTube Channel, and VirginiaWineTV Podcast. The Loudoun County pre-tour will also be available at Visit Loudoun, who's financial assistance made the filming of that segment possible. Anyone we tasted the wonderful wines from Breaux Vineyards, Tarara Winery, Boxwood Vineyards, and Chrysalis Vineyards, Catoctin Creek Vineyards, and 8 Chains North Winery understand that this region produces exceptional wines.

Here are the list of videos and the links as they come live:

And as time and funding allows:

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