Thursday, February 9, 2012

Atypical Wine Storage at WineCompass

Several Virginia bloggers have challenged our community to post photos of each of our personal wine storage techniques. Like the folks at Virginia Wine Time, I use two distinct areas for storing wine. The first is a Tex-Mex wine bar that's basically stores items ready to drink now: whether wine, spirits, or growlers ready for beer. There is no organization to the set; just find an open spot. Matters take a turn for the worse, when storing for the long term. Shielded by the abundance of toys in the basement, this secret collection is hidden from the usual suspects wanting to open bottles of Viognier, Norton, and other local wines collected on our journeys. There's wine from North Carolina and Maryland lost in those boxes; several from Kansas and Missouri; a few from California; and even some specialty wines from Florida. Key Lime Wine anyone? Schnebly Redland's Winery has it all. Now you know the secret to wine storage.

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Frank said...

Hey Todd!

'There is no organization to the set; just find an open spot.' <-- Same here, man!

Any Pisco on those shelves...? Cheers!

Jean @ RelaxAtHome said...

Such clutter for a wine storage. Though I appreciate the thought of bringing up a wine storage at your home, maybe a little declutteting and it will be a nice storage.

Unknown said...

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