Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Skinny Vine - Not Worth the Calories

This week we were sent three samples of the new Skinny Vine wine brand for the monthly #TGTaste ThirstyGirl twitter tasting: Slim Chardonnay, Thin Zin and Mini Moscato. These wines are marketed as tasty, low calorie, low alcohol, and low cost ($11) wines for the youth wine market and competing against the highly successful FlipFlop wines. Many of my companions in the tasting loved the wines; but from what I sampled - don't waste your calories. Starting with the Chardonnay, it lacked any of the characteristic flavors associated with the grape, had a synthetic taste of vanilla and oak (staves or chips perhaps), and finished with zero acidity. My first impression was a flat wine cooler.

Matters worsened rapidly when moving to the Thin Zin which is basically a rose colored white zinfandel. The wine started with a respectable strawberry nose which quickly evaporated when the sweet, syrupy "Kool-aid" entered the mouth. Our first thoughts, a wine for a 16yr old. Simply terrible. I had to temporarily grab a dark beer to cleanse the palette since my taste buds felt so tainted.

We eventually moved on the Moscato, which actually wasn't that bad - easily the best of the trio. The three muscat grapes (Muscat of Alexandria, Muscat à Petits Grains and Orange Muscat) provide the aromatics you would expect; but the flavor is diminished by a syrupy composition and a lack of acidity at the tail. Other than that, it was drinkable.

Final thought - I find it hard to believe that anyone liked these wines; but that's the beauty of different palettes. If you like these styles, go for it - for me; no way. Cheers

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