Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Tale of Two Tequilas: Mañana & Don Nacho

In between tasting wine, we've been toasting to tequila - in particular two Blanco - 100% agave tequilas with two completely different tasting profiles: the Tequila Mañana ($40) & Don Nacho Silver ($25).  The Mañana is a premium tequila from Distillery Feliciano Vivanco y Asociados NOM 1414and the brand is named after the Don Panchito legend. When asked when he was going to bring the tequila out of the barrels, Don Pancho Vidal would respond: "Mañana (tomorrow), mañana, will be the day."  This is a light tequila, very smooth - with some creaminess. The nose is citrus, but the flavor resembles caramelized sugar, with only a very slight hint of agave. Almost too slight.

On the other hand, the Don Nacho exudes agave, from the nose to the tail. The family owned distillery uses their own agave farm located in the Jalisco region. It shares a similar citrus nose as the Mañana, but with a shorter finish and less texture. The burn is short, leaving pure agave in the throat. In general, not a bad tequila.

The Mañana is easily, and as expected, the better of the two, but for my tastes, not by much. I miss the agave flavor in the Manana and wish the Don Nacho possessed a little more texture and creaminess. Hopefully I can find the premium Don Nacho soon to compare that to the Mañana. Cheers.

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