Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jack's Hard Cider - Original vs Helen’s Blend

I've found a new friend, hard cider in the can, courtesy of Jack's Hard Cider located in the Adams County - apple country - just west of Gettysburg. Jack's is the companion to Hauser Estate Winery and the apples are harvested directly from the property, fermented at the winery, and then canned for easy transportation. The brand is named for the patriarchs of the Hauser family, Jack and Helen Hauser. Jack was the driving force behind Musselmans - where we still purchase their 100% freshly pressed apple juice - not concentrated - and apple sauce.  Back to Jack's, they produce two styles of hard cider - the dry Original (green) and the sweeter Helen's Blend (red).  Both are produced from a medley of the almost twenty apple varieties grown on the property.  Both provide a mouthful of baked apple flavors, approximately three apples per can, with a refreshing acidic finish.  The only difference is the sweetness, choose which you prefer. Cheers to hard cider.

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