Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Blacksnake Meadery Hoppy Bee Brew - A Beer Drinkers Mead

Recently I discovered that my favorite Virginia mead producer, Blacksnake Meadery, had increased their distribution into Northern Virginia after finding a bottle of their Hoppy Bee Brew ($12) at Norms. Normally I have to venture down to southwestern Virginia - usually during Floydfest - in order to obtain a bottle. Incidentally proprietors Steve and Jo are avid music lovers and festival goers and I've bumped into them a few times in Floyd. The Hoppy Bee Brew is what you expect; a dry honey wine brewed with Cascade hops - which provide a little grapefruit character. Yet, the kicker is that each bottle is conditioned to provide a little carbonation to mimic a refreshing beer.  And for even more intensity, add a shot of rum.

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