Monday, April 12, 2021

Finding Rum in Pittsburgh from Maggie's Farm Run - Allegheny Distilling

During a recent day trip to Pittsburgh, I used theCompass Craft beverage Finder to target a distillery and discovered one in the historic Strip District, not far from the zoo, which was our primary destination. And I didn't expect this to be a rum distillery but that's all Allegheny Distilling produces under the Maggie's Farm Rum brand.  There are several whiskey distilleries in the City of Bridges so focusing on rum helps differentiate them from the other distillery options.

For all of their rums, founder and distiller Tim Russell sources Louisiana turbinado raw sugarcane that is fermented using Caribbean-derived yeasts. The fermented cane juice is then pot-distilled using 100% copper Spanish-made stills. The white rums rest 3-6 in stainless steel whereas the aged rums spend 2-3 years in neutral rum casks. One rum we purchased, the Sherry Finished Rum ($50 - 43% abv) receives additional time in a sherry cask. Think Oloroso meets rum, lots of nutty nuances.

We also purchased the Maggies Farm Coffee Liqueur ($30),  a low abv (21%) liqueur that starts with their white rum as a base, the infused with cold-brewed coffee that was locally roasted ground and brewed in-house. Finally, the liqueur receives some house-made vanilla extract and a little dark brown sugar. Just add a little cream for an excellent boost to your day.

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