Saturday, February 23, 2008

2008 South Beach Food & Wine Festival

Yesterday was the trade tasting and it was quite an event. There was outstanding wine being poured from the West Coast (California, Oregon, & Washington) as well as from France, Italy, and the Americas. I did not get a chance to try wines from Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa - but will try to today. There was also a pleasant surprise to see Long Island's Bedell Cellars pouring their excellent Merlot and local Schnebly Winery pouring their tropical fruit wines. More than wine was poured however, as we were able to taste awesome rum, cachaca, and even Lucid's Absinthe. Then there's the vibrant South Beach nightlife - where we saw a great flamengo duo. Check MyJoog for details. In the coming days I will post about our favorite reds, whites, and spirits as well as our interview with the Food Network's barbecue king Chris Lilly.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that Bobby Flay is an idiot. We just saw him yesterday at the South Beach Food & Wine Festival and he was not approachable at all like other chefs, I don't really know who he thinks he is but I will not watch him anymore and will tell my friends and everybody that I know to stop watching his programs. He pretends to be very nice but he is NOT AT ALL!!