Monday, February 18, 2008

Trevor Jones Virgin Chardonnay

We at have never been steady chardonnay drinkers, nothing to do with the grape, its just that there are so many other varietals to try. However, that may change once we opened a bottle of Trevor Jones Virgin Chardonnay on a suggestion from our friends at Out of Site Wines. The wine starts with a peach aroma and flavor and followed by a refreshing slightly acidic finish. What makes the wine special is that even though it is unoaked, it has more texture and complexity than many oaked versions. This is the type of wine where you take one sip and say "Wow". And the wine won't bust your wine budget since it retails for less than $20. We look forward to researching the Trevor Jones brand and other wines from Kellermeister Winery. A quick review of their website shows a large selection of award winning wines; from their Riesling and Frontignac to Sparkling Wines and Ports.

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