Thursday, January 26, 2012

MyJoogTV Episode 13 features Starr Hill Brewery's Monticello Reserve Ale just released a video featuring Starr Hill Brewing's Monticello Reserve Ale. This is the official beer of Monticello and brewed using ingredients Thomas Jefferson likely used two centuries ago. Whereas Jefferson is well known for his attempts to cultivate wine grapes, he was also an avid brewer. However he never used a preset recipe and instead, each year brewed beer based on that year's harvest. He also didn't grow barley, but grew wheat and corn instead. These are the main ingredients to the Monticello Reserve Ale as well as East Kent Goldings hops, which may have been available during Colonial times. We highly recommend this beer - nice citrus flavors with a touch of sweetness balanced with smooth mellow finish. Cheers.

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