Wednesday, June 9, 2010

San Sebastian Winery Vintner's Red

I'll finally got a chance to drink local based on various definitions by opening a bottle of San Sebastian Winery Vintner's Red. I think we had picked up the bottle the least trip to St. Augustine and as I recall I generally prefer the Vintner's White over the Red. However, the red was all we had. And it is what it is; a slightly sweet muscadine wine made from the Noble grape. And served slightly chilled, it works in the south Florida heat. Its full of flavor; smooth and complements a burger nicely. Tomorrow the remainder will be used as a base for Sangria. And while headed home we are stopping by to load up on some Blanc Du Bois.


Kristi Davis - Grotto Cellars said...

Let us know how the sangria comes out!

Todd M. Godbout said...

It should be nice; three parts wine one part soda water - no need for sprite. Then added Florida grown strawberries, blood oranges, and star fruit. Chilling for the weekend