Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#VABreweryChallenge - Herndon's Aslin Beer Company (#25)

We've dropped way behind with the #VABreweryChallenge, but the opening of Herndon's first craft brewery, Aslin Beer Company, enabled us to renew the quest. The brewery is only a half mile from the W&OD Bike Trail off the Fairfax County Parkway near Reston. .I'm not familiar with the story behind the brewery, maybe someone will update us with a comment below, but I do know that they produce solid beers. And all were solid, not just a few. The Animal (Farm)house Saison was my favorite, spicy and a little funk and the In Memoria Lime Kolsch will be a biking favorite. The lime provides both creamy texture and citrus flavors. The Deceiver Imperial Stout and Mind The Hiop IPA were the big boys in ABV; but very smooth and balanced and never felt overly sweet or hoppy. The Hoppy Brown was exactly what the name suggests whereas the RTC/1857 name hides a Belgium Wit. Both, very likable beers. And as an added bonus, Cherry's Cheesecakes Catering & bar-B-Que was onsite with both options. Interesting the Deceiver worked well with the pulled pork and the German Chocolate Cake Cheescake. Cheers to the beginning of a wonderful relationship with the Aslin Beer Company. And theCompass Winery, Brewery, Distillery Locator Mobile App can provide the biking and driving navigation along with all contact information.

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